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Feb 17, 2005

Its nice to be back..

After a hiatus of almost 3 months it feels good to be back on the web. A lot has changed in the interim period. I am now in a different city away from my hometown. Its a completely different culture, different lifestyle, different food, different language and different mind set. But everything is so very exciting and its all expanding my mind, bulging my experience and leaving me a lot to write about and tell my grandchildren down posterity.

So what has changed...

  • My job
  • My career track
  • My city of stay
  • My home
  • My daily grocer
  • My daily route to work

and what has not...

  • My wife
  • My craving for food
  • My toilet habits
  • My attitude
  • My future
  • My wallet weight
  • My craving to write..... and there is so much more to write about now...

So folks please check in from time to time

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