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Apr 1, 2005

Biopiracy & Orthorexia

These are two interesting terms I came incross within an hour of each other.


Sounds familiar? I have heard it for the first time. A sophisticated form of piracy. And objects of this piracy ? Neem, haldi, tulsi, basmati and many more.

Most of us from our childhood have experienced the simple goodness of home remedies. Traditional preventive and curative medicines has been passed on to us from ages. And there are ofcourse many other things which are so enmeshed in our daily life that we take it for granted.

In the present context of globalisation the geographical boundaries are increasingly being blurred by the economics of it. But its important remmember which part of the global whole has been our contribution. Its not just a matter of pride but more pure matter of economics.

Read this and be aware European Patent Office Revokes Neem Patent.


Orthorexia nervosa is an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. Orthorexics exhibit an over-enthusiasm for pure eating and healthy food. In moderation, of course, this can be beneficial. In extremis, however, malnutrition, extreme weight loss and even death can result.

Orthorexia is a modern condition, as yet unrecognised by the medical profession. Studies are underway to see if it should be acknowledged. Dr Steven Bratman MD coined the term from the Greek "ortho" meaning accurate and has tracked a cluster of giveaway symptoms.

These are the some of symptoms of Orthorexics:
  • Excessive planning of menus in advance
  • Experiencing guilt and self-loathing about smallest particle of chocolate
  • Make startling discoveries like: good food tastes better
  • Not eating processed food, avoiding meat, abstaining from non-organic produce, cutting out sugar, dumping all dairy products & stop taking caffeine
  • Thinking, talking and evangelizing about your diet for more than an hour a day to glassy-eyed friends
  • Caring more about the virtue of what you eat than the pleasure you receive from eating it?
  • Social isolation due to your diet?

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