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Jun 18, 2004

Its a girl!

Sudeshna's completed the race and really done well. She is exhausted and so am I. But we feel stronger, happier and brighter. We have got our prize ===JUNE===. She arrived at exactly 10:45 am on the 16th of June. All of 7 pounds. Pink and very annoyed due to the complete lack of privacy. Frankly both of us were expecting boy. Mark my word "expecting" not "wanting". Infact I wanted a girl however without all the paraphernalia of being a girl the clothes, make-up et al. We had thought of the name June much before. June comes from JUNO - the goddess of light, life and in charge of well-being of all women.

Let me describe June and our experience with her till now..

We took her out of her mother's womb without her consent. Happily ensconced she was already in there till the 40th week something which our doctor was increasingly uncomfortable about. Hence the doctor decided enough is enough and after a 4 week cat and mouse game with the doctor the latter finally decided to use his scalpel. It was a 15 minutes neat job and she said hello to the world at exactly 10:47 am.

She is pink. Extremely moody. Her brows our forever crooked dissapproving of the lack of privacy she has now. Her hair is unlike her father or mother (both of whom lack a fair bit of tuft). And it makes a fantastic contrast against her white skin. She does not look fat for a 7 pounder. Which prompts others to say that she is strong and not flabby. No more on her and as our mother's still say thur-thuri

Now a bit about the brave mother. Sudeshna's been really great in the last 10 months. Its too difficult a job. And since I have seen from close quarters no wonder they (the wise men) give a lot more credence to the mother's role. I guess its all because of this 10 months. Its a tough job. She is now relaxed though a bit tight with all the saline and cuts that has been inflicted her. But she is ever boisterous and ready to be up and away.

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lito said...

it quite a learning process,being attached to a baby,frm the time since she is born.being her chachu,it feels something great,bcoz the innocent things she does is something you cant expect frm a boring life.the most important element is the innocence,which is something to treasure.