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Oct 1, 2004

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Move over June, Ishaan is here. This is Ishaan - the latest addition to the Goswami clan from where my wify emanates. He carries the same gravitas, look & feel and the legendary spunkiness (otherwise why would a 2 day old pose for photo like that). He was born on the 31st August to a gorgeous set of parents - Dadamoni and Lalidi. Ishaan is already a celebrity - the first in his family. Ishaan though is no ordinary baby like our dear little June. Ishaan has had a extraordinary journey to this world. He is a miracle baby and already featured in two websites - GBMC News Release and Do read them through to get a detail of his journey.

But a word about everybody around him now. The proud parents and both sets of grandparents. While Lalidi clearly edges everyone out by her sheer mental strength and her determination, Dadamoni's tireless effort is equally herculean. Simultaneously while they were slugging it out Laldi's parents was there by their side egging them on and providing able support at each point. But do spare a thought for the paternal grandparents who were thousands of miles away praying each moment for the health of the would-be-mother and the born-to-be-grandchild. And amidst all this our dear Ishaan was slowly and steadily making his progress. The whole episode has a struck a chord. I feel lucky that June's birth was so simplistic an event.

Lets all welcome Ishaan to this world.

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