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Apr 25, 2005

Image Makeover

Jassi is a craze in India. It talks about a girl who goes on an image makeover. One of the many recent (when I say recent I am always referring to the post liberalised economy) spin-offs of liberalisation is people's penchant for a image makeover. Jassi only cashed on this. Much in the trends of Hollywood superstars and our own homegrown heroes like Kamalahasan many are experimenting with their looks. Even I got hooked onto it sometime back when I tried increase my hair length. But as of my other ventures I ran out of steam and overall it seemed too laborious an exercise. More recently Opu too was bitten by the bug and what a result. From the two snaps that I have posted here is what I think...

The reaction will be between these two extreme (Opu in the left picture is amused while June is scared)

On impact angle it has hit the bull's eye. It forces people to notice and generates renewed interest. Case to the point this very posting in my blog.

We are each a walking-talking brand. In an ever changing world you are being evaluated every now and then. On a recall factor this look does have a lot of recall value as against the buck- toothed one.

On a light note its definetly a tropical look suited to our weather. However more time and money will be wasted in maintaining this. But these days this is given.

It redefines the way you are perceived by your family, friends and professional colleagues. While the earlier look was friendly next door neighbourtypes this one is bordering on the villaneous.

Overall, I rather leave to others to put a comment.. please do....


opu said...

as one appreciated the amount of sacrifices i have made for my work..the situation was...we had just finished our requirements gathering phase and had to present what we had captured to the customer. the customer was screwing everyone saying this is wrong, that is not captured etc etc. i had the hair cut before my sessions were due..the docs sailed thru...

Anonymous said...

haha good one! i must say that ppl started thinking i was smarter after i cut my hair- though i myself know that i am the same person with the same sensibilities- whatever my hair style.

clothes seem to matter a lot too- ppl think i'm cooler when i'm wearing skirts and listening to led zep, rather than when i'm wearing salwars, and still listening to led zep. its some sort of a social illusio. i'm happy to say i never fell pray to it.


opu said...

well swati i agree with you on principle but not with the example. i once saw a typical tamil brahmin in a spotless white lungi and the 3 row chandan tilak on his forehead in the blore roger waters was the most ludricious sight i had seen in my life..i think i would feel the same if i see a girl wearing a leather micro mini and a sports bra in dover lane music conference..

by the way..whats your fav led zep song?