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Apr 29, 2005

Probir Chollo (goes to) London

Here is a fairytale which I am witnessing. Its representative of many such stories that is happening to many in India. It not only proves that hardwork, attitude and smartness can take you places but it also reinforces the fact that inspite of rampant corruption there are ways where ordinary folks can fulfil aspirations. A fact born out by our Prime Minister and President.

Recently Probir, an ex-colleague of mine sent me some pictures. Probir comes from Barrackpore. A visit to the place will give a glimpse of what life is like in a suburb of Calcutta after 20 years of marxism. Its symptomatic of the malaise that is plagueing Bengal. But that is besides the point.

Probir' s dwelling in London (click on the image to enlarge it)

Probir hails from a typical middle class family. He had an average schooling but went to the art school on the dint of his exceptional talent. From there he paired up with Upal (his story is equally enthralling) and finally I met them at Aesthetic under the stewardship of Sourabh where each of us were working hard so that the company thrived with the hope we too will thrive with it. However the script did notquite unfold that way.

After holding himself back very patient for over 7 years Probir finally decided to venture out to test for himself. He is getting first hand answers to his queries that hovered in his mind. Queries about him, about his worth about what was it like in the world outside. Before him there are others (Joydeep, Swati, Srimant) who after having had to leave Aesthetic ventured in foreign land. Going abroad doesnt mean the be all and end all for us Indians. But its symbolic of another achievement milestone. And for Probir I know it means a lot. More than anything else it proves that without knowing English you can still be in England. He has also seen for himself that in England there are many like him (Japanese, Italian, French) who are as bad in English as him.

The pictures show Probir infront of the house where he has temporarily put up in London. Far away from the Barrackpore suburbia where the road in front of his house was just wide enough for his once beloved Alto to slip through. Only some months back we used to be locked in discussion surmising about our future which seemed so intricately tied with some others. But we managed to answer the call (call of what I dont know and cannot define) and are trying to walk the path.

Probir's story should inspire us all to keep going on and on, while we hone our talents, work hard and then put the rest on Destiny and God. And I know what Probir will say after reading this - "Uff Boss! Koto hejatey parish.. shudhu audio". But to that I will say "No Boss! Eita audio noi, eita video".


Anonymous said...

this is great news! plz pass on my congratulations to Prabirda :)

for me- these stories are also special in another angle. i have always believed that the core group at AT were very, very talented, and that everyone of us is destined to grow and prove ourselves in some way or the other. i just hope that all of us work towards making our dreams come true!


Anonymous said...

probir da,
kemon achho? london kemon lagche amar khub bhalo laglo jene je tumi london acho khub bhalo.



Dipanjan said...

Aeje Loripota chola kemon achich?


Anonymous said...

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