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May 4, 2005

Existence of God....

The other day I was just thinking about sundry other things which you can do when you are tard underworked. And when I think most often I think about me and what am I doing here. And through some interconnections my mind veered towards the existence of God.

This has been much debated. And there are various opinions on this. Most often the opinions are colored by the existential problems of the individual. There are the blind believers on one hand and the complete atheists on the other. Then there are the liberals, people who do not believe in God but do not infringe, belittle or override the super believers. We have the growing number of fundamentalists whose belief in their kind of God is so strong that their faith pushes them to infringe upon their fellow beings’ belief or non-belief. However I belong to the group who outnumbers the rest – the opportunists.

Generally our creed is pretty emotionally insulated towards the idea of God. These are the only occasions when God and our paths cross:

  • When we need to fulfill an need (external or internal)
  • When we are faced with a crisis and cannot depend on the average human
  • When we participate in a religious festival

There is a constant pull between the right and left part of our brain. Our insecurities and our rationale pull us in two directions. Confused we choose the middle path. Hence when we are at peace with our circumstances we choose not to remember God and when we are in midst of crisis we desperately fall back on God. What leaves us in this dilemma?

It is a complete lack of faith in our understanding of us that is at the root of our confusion. For one there can be no denying that there is an entity that is outside our scientific rationale (at least the rationale that has evolved till now). But a deep reading of modern physics would lead us to a hint in that direction. A few examples could have been cited but that is beyond the scope of this piece and would require a lot of research. The average mortal’s faith in oneself leads to an overriding faith in God. It is this faith, which becomes the guardian angel and leads the person on the path of humanity and fairness towards fellow beings. It is what finally becomes the cornerstone of our soul.

To believe in God is to believe in oneself. Opportunists often stop believing in themselves.


ritayan said...

I think u have unwittingly realised the essence of vivekananda...'you are part of the whole...this universe...and hence god exists in YOU. To find god you need mot go just need to INTROSPECT'.

Rajesh said...

Hi kaushik..This is a very interesting topic which is making me put my points..

I think, 'we exist' is the proof of "God" exists..Lets not look at GOD as mythological super human or unknown power who writes our destiny. But look at it from purely scientific way as narrated in Geeta..If Krishna says that "I" am there in everyone, He is not referring himself as a person but as a power called "LIFE" force (Atma). Life is God, God is Life. And Life which is flowing through us can'not be seen in any laboratory. If we cut a body to find out a Life what will we get. Nothing but a dead body !!

No one can see life but we can "See" because Life is there in us.