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Aug 18, 2005

Smug with satisfaction

For two years since I started this blog I used to be smugly satisfied at the fact that I could finally write and let it all be up there. I was the writer and I, my own reader patting myself from time to time. And it all used to take me back to my college and university days (though I do not cherish this time too much).

But in Bangalore I have been witness to what true blogging is all about. For 6 long years I was away from my ilk (people who studied english with me - some out of chance and some by choice) and was caught amongst crap much away from the writing scene.. Often I feel a tard jealous at seeing a maximum of 4 comments in my 2 years of blogging. Unfortunately for me (though fortunately for others) there are very few who read my blog. Oh-god-who-am-I-writing-for-feeling never engulfed me till I saw blogs with comments galore. And today I was stuned to see 19 comments against Ms Bagchi's recent post. And then I came across Jabberwork and Samit Basu and I decided Rising was my last post..

I was low, I was sad. But just then I received a little one line mail from my dear sis-in-law. I am feeling happy again. I am up. I am alive. I am kicking and raring to go. I have a reason to continue. Its not about competition. Its about being there and letting be and letting others be... Am I going too overboard.. Sorry, excuse me.. But hold this was my zone.. And I can strut anyway I want...

If anyone out there is still reading this.. please continue further....

From: Sharmistha Gupta <>
To: kaushik <>
Date: Aug 18, 2005 10:24 AM
Subject: FW: the world is really small and this is why..........

u have to read this mail. its from my friend who is based in delhi. her name is kumkum. incidentally her husband's name is also kaushik

-----Original Message-----

From: kumkum dasgupta [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 4:33 PM
Cc: Kaushik Ghosh
Subject: the world is really small and this is why.......................

............writing this mail to let you know about an amazing event. I was reading a friend's blog and from there I went to someone else's blog. This guy was in college with a friend of ours who has just shifted to Bangalore. Last week when I spoke to him on his brithday, he casually mentioned that he has met a collegemate of his - kaushik. Today, I was reading Kaushik Som's blog (went via another friend's blog). suddenly I see a very familiar face---ayush. I clicked on another pic and there was your hubby with kaushik's daughter. and there was another pix of ayush. this time I was damn sure it was ayush and then when I read the text I was more than sure. here is the link:

amazing nah!

cheers mickey


The Marauder's Map said...

It's truly awe-inspiring, the way blogs can connect people. Even when there is no obvious and real-life connection, as in this case between you and Kumkum, Kaushik. But the way it can connect people with the same interests, thoughts, ideas, reactions and feelings. The other day, I was looking for the lyrics of the song Bawra Mann from Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi and the only place I could find it was on somebody's blog. Then i noticed that this person was based in bangalore -- what's more, she had linked to some blogs that I read too and whose authors I know of through a common friend. Talk about Six Degrees of Separation!

As for comments, read Tridib's latest post. And remember, they also serve who only... etc etc.

Blogisite said...

Mate, don't despair. Comments are but ephemeral paragraphs. Two-bit pieces that live for exactly for two minutes. Extended narcissism, you could say. You tend to love yourself when you see others (apparently) love you. And despair when others shirk from you. Blogisite the leech advises you to keep off these earthly trappings and write on. Will be back. Hastalavista. And happy blogging.

PS 1: Telling a passerby to able in to your blog.
PS2: Still cant place Sharmishtha.

Passerby said...

This world is truly a small place and it is these small (but amazing)things as u mentioned that keep us going among all the complexities of life. So, I guess one should try and find happiness in the little things, rather than get caught in the web of life.
Also, as the marauders whatever pointed out, the power of the blog is just amazing!! I am but a passerby, but am already hooked onto it. And if it can hook me onto some old friends, just great. BTW, Mr Som, have a great time blogging and let nothing b(l)og you down!!!

opu said...

koushik!! u bloody better remove the link to my blog from this blog man! i would be wading knee deep in shit if my wife stumbled upon my blog...i know the world is a small place..sometimes it just gets too small for i miss those open spaces of my childhood!!