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Dec 15, 2005

Goodbye Dada!

Operation Gang-up is over. The end of the road for Dada.

The cricketer Sourav finally pays for the leader Sourav. A country once petted by the whites has docility running in its blood. India has history of dumping heroes. And how so?

I was an avowed fan of Sourav because he never blinked on the field, because he never hid behind diplomacy and got under the opposition's skin. He was a leader.

And our country has stopped producing leaders in all walks of life. How will a dimunitive frogjumper whose very existence is based on parochial regionalism understand all this.

But wait Sourav was also a silken batsmen. But alas cricket was never the reason for his being dumped? In India you have your tryst with fame till your are pulled down and thrown to the dogs. Its sad and hard and I have no words to express this.


opu said...

Life (and cricket) have a funny way of proving pundits and predictions wrong. I think this epitaph is slightly premature. Have patience...HE WILL BE BACK!!!

Shuv said...

dont we just love the underdogs?? here is how indian cric fans have suddenly realised how great sourav is...

i am a bigger sourav fan than any of them..but i feel he squandered his chance. he FAILED.. whats your take on that?