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Dec 21, 2006

Police Uncle

When I say I am growing up with June I really mean it. Both of us had our first tryst with the law on Sunday. It was our first visit to the Police Station and thank god it was Frasertown Police Station.

Built on a donation by some Colaco brothers it is what police stations in India are not like. I didnt find any criminal in the lock up. The toilets were so clean. And the adjacent garden equally well maitained by ITC Infotech. The moment we reached there a smiling receptionist was ready to answer our queries.

Our job was comfortably done and it served as a nice field trip for June. For June "police uncles" are those who scold everybody if they do something wrong. One of the few things which still scared here.

She was very sceptical initially about the visit. But by the time she came out of the police station all her fear had gone. And Munmun was left with one tool less to scare her.

Infact that's one "Juju" less for both of us.

Why cannot life be always so simple?


Shuv said...

mun will find a way..maybe convince june that even though the police were uncles in blore, they are scary in copenhangen..

Boodhooram Ignoramus said...

where is this dream come true Frasertown Police Station? Banglore ?

Ghetufool said...

yes, the building looks nice. thanks to you, now i know how it is inside.
happy new year to you and family.