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Feb 16, 2007

Silly Me

I am the biggest follower of my blog (even my wife has stopped visiting my blog). But who cares. I love reading my posts, patting myself for the emotion they exude.

But most times I chid myself for all the silly grammatical mistakes that I make. Like the silly mistakes that I continue to this day - not only in my writing but in my daily life as well.

Sample this...

Leaving the car keys inside the car and locking it from outside. My father asks me for the house keys so that he can get back the dupliate keys from the house. And I remmember that the house keys are in the dashboard.
Moral of the episode - Never keep house keys in the dashboard and use a central locking system for your car

Forgetting to lock the main door and depositing the keys at the neighbours. My brother comes back from school. He doesnt even flinch at the fact that the main door is not locked. He continues with his life till our neighbour asks him how did he enter the house. My brother's reply "Through the door".
Moral of the episode - Never take responsibility of locking the house

My mother asked me to give the pillow covers for a wash. I obey dilligently. Half an hour later our maid finds the pillow but not the cover in the wash basket. The cover is neatly kept on the bed.
Moral of the episode - Dont change pillow covers. Marry

My hand sweats. So I dont like holding any folders in my hand. So I usually leave it somewhere. When I was in college I once left it on the V of a tree. It contain all my original certificates and marksheets. I realised an hour later that something was missing. When I go back, I find the V is empty. A godly professor in the Hotel Management School next door had kept the folder for safekeep.
Moral of the episode - Ask your girlfriend/wife to hold everything

Saturday morning I have a hunch that I cannot find my passport. As all of my hunch this one comes true as well. After repeated back and forth I go to the police station to lodge an FIR. My mind deep with suspicions of a sabotage. I receive a call from office security "your passport has been found". It slipped out of my pocket and landed near a godown of ITC Foods. I gave the khalasi only 100 bucks.

Moral of my life - Once a fool always a fool

My wify, mom, dad & bro can continue this endless list. I thank them for staying by me. June please be ready.


Shuv said...

sometimes absent mindedness is associated with genius..sometimes, mind u..not in this case..

kaushik said...

How could do this?

I was revising (like my exam sheet) whether I had committed any silly gramatical mistakes (and I did, maybe there are still many more).

And before i could change my post your comment flew in.

You are the genius!

Shuv said...

u mean to tell me u realised that just now!!!!!!!

Shuv said...

jah sala!! tui o sala busy hoye geli? dhur!! kauke aar bishash kora jaabe na dekhchi.

Scout said...

I think ghetu should change his blog title to "Men are useless" :)