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Jul 23, 2007

Of plants and kids


June is 3 and she has already lived in Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Along with us, a few plants have moved as well. Plants which could withstand the ravages of eviction. Plants which are well ensconced in their pots. But some have died, some have struggled as we have moved on and some have got renewed vigour. But we have moved on.

Initially June was more like those plants which survived. But slowly June is growing up. And she is asking questions which gives a peek into her mind. Of what she feels each time we move. Of the little roots that poke out of the bottom of the pot.

Here are 3 conversations that she raked up over the weekend.

Saturday evening. Jun, Mun & Me have just discovered this park somewhere in Banjara Hills. June spots a white Zen which stopped right in front of us while I was parking.

June: "Is that Scout?"
Me: "No, Scout is in Bangalore. Scout has an Alto. "
June: "Will Scout come today?"

An innocent question and most of June's questions come from nowhere

Mun: "No, we are in Hyderabad. Scout is in Bangalore."
June: "Scout cannot come?"

End of conversation I

Sunday evening. Three of us are driving back home after one of those "Explore Hyderbad" jaunts. We are crossing Banjara Hills Mainland China.

June: "Ghetu and Scout will come today?"
Another harmless enquiry and again it comes from nowhere.
Mun: "Ghetu and Scout are in Bangalore. We are in Hyderabad."
June: "Are they with Nicole?"
Nicole was June's best pal in Eurokids Bangalore.
Me: "Naah. Nicole is with her Mom and Dad. Ghetu and Scout stays somewhere else."
June: "They stay in Bangalore?"
Me: "Yes. In Bangalore. But on some other place in Bangalore."
June: "Are we going to Bangalore now?"
Mun: "Naah. We are not going to Bangalore. We are in Hyderabad. Bangalore is another city."
June: "We are in Hyderabad?"
Mun (feeling sad): "Ok Beta! I will take you to Bangalore."
June: "Now?"
Mun: "Not now. Bangalore is far off. Later"

End of conversation II

Before all of you start feeling that June is missing Bangalore here is the third conversation.
Saturday morning. I am relaxing. June is tumbling around me. Suddenly I remmember that its Ayush's birthday today.

Me: "Hey June, let's call up Ayush Bhaiyya. Its his birthday today. Lets wish him happy birthday."
June: "Ayush Bhaiyya will come tomorrow?"
Another one from nowhere.
Me: "Naah, Ayush Bhaiyya is in Bombay. Bombay is a different city. He cannot come from Bombay every other day."
June: "Mamiye (Ayush's mother) stays in Bombay?"
Me: "Yes"
June: "Mamuji (Ayush's father) also stays in Bombay?"
Me: "No, Mamuji stays in Delhi. Delhi is another city"
June: "Does Chachu (my brother) and Mamuji stay together in Delhi?"
Me: "No Chachu stays in Kolkata."
June: "With Didibhai (my mom) and Bhai (my Dad)?"
Me: "Yes"
June: "Ami Jaabo."

End of conversation III


Does each of these conversations give a clue? Clue to what June feels as she moves from place to place. Picking up new acquaintances and pinning old ones in her memory.

I realise as she grows up it is not about moving the pot anymore. She cannot be potted anymore. Its about uprooting the plant and replanting once again. AndI pray she is like her mother who survives and thrives after each such transplant.

But this is 21st century and June is 21st century's child. Just like Ayush, Trina, Tua & Jojo. But I have faith in Darwin. They will surely grow, each using their own circumstances. But the question is can they group around when needed? Or it is not important anymore?


Vincent said...

You are making a very important point here Kaushik, in a sweet gentle way. You have the touch to say much.

Shuv said...

i had started believing that our kids will grow up as strangers to each other till the hyd trip happened..seeing how well june and ayush gelled gave me some hope..lets see.

kaushik said...

Vincent: I take that as a huge compliment whose profusion with prose is well documented on the "Wayfarer's Note".

I am willing to sacrifice some posts from you at the cost of a complete book about your life.

Is that a valid expectation from a well wisher?

kaushik said...

Shuv: You dont how happy I was to see them playing all Friday before even you had come.

It is difficult to explain the concept of sibling to June through references.

After the last Kolkata trip she has a better reference of Trina & Tua. Now he has one more. And since this is a recent occuring she talks about Ayush every other day.

I will keep my fingers crossed... when we all can group around once again and just feel good about it.

Sayantani said...

kids are such inquisitive things! but then, that's the whole fun. my mum teaches pre-primary kids and she has the most hilarious stories to tell. reminds me of the aquaguard ad where the kid keeps asking "usse kya hoga?" :D

Ghetufool said...

i sometime miss June. Honestly. This piece made me sad. Love to her!

Scout said...

Only the other day I was wondering if june still remembered me or not, and cynical me decided she would have forgotten me... as children have a way of doing. I am just relieved and thrilled she still remembers me!! :)

kaushik said...

Ghetu & Scout: June remembers you both. But you will soon passout from the pages of her memory.

The only way this can be redeemed is by a trip to Hyd.

Be our guest. And we promise it will be a good & warm experience. Atleast give us a chance. And then that will be enough for 6 more months for June to not forget about you both.

Vincent said...

Kaushik, I want to invite you to my newly "privatised" blog. (sorry it has to be that way). If you write to rochereau @ hotmail . co . uk I can reply with the invitation!

Scout said...

hmm. i'm coming over!

kaushik said...

Scout: When???

Ace of Spades said...

reached a little late. but will stay a bit longer.

kaushik said...

Ace: Most welcome.

Scout said...

as soon as the opportunity presents itself...

kaushik said...

Scout: What do you mean? The opportunity already presented itself with my invitation.

Interestingly, Ghetu shows no interest to bite the bait.

In India, it seems physical distance is still a huge turn off. But what the heck Hyd - Bang is damn well connected.

rip van winkle said...

dear kaushik...great post.

If you really think about it, even we grew up sooo differently from the way our parents did....but we survived..didnt we?

the point is not whether the kids will be able to adapt to life's adversities or not...the point is many father would bother to even listen to their child's conversation and make such wonderful note of bro!

kaushik said...

Rip: :o)

Ghetufool said...

ghetu will come without informing. it will be a surprise. only when that urge to see and talk to you overcomes his rather aloof mind. as for baits are concerned...nothing can reach the depth where gehtu dwelves. he comes to the surface to breath and that's it.

Vikas said...

Kaushik, i have experienced similar conversations so many time with my daughter. I am bit confused/scared myself right now thinking of what is right for my daughter.

kaushik said...

Vikas: Each day when I wake up to see her sleeping that innocence scares the shit out of me.

Sometimes I feel so bloody heavy seeing myself responsible to keep alive that innocence.

But then I wonder so many billions of kids have grown to be adults before her.

So I guess both of our daughters have brought in their own destiny along with them. They will grow, thrive and walk their respective destined path.

munia said...

wonderfully written, koushik!! i think everyone with kids and having to move around (like u, me, and so many others) will absolutely identify what you have written. it is a blessing though to see how well they usually adapt, much better than us most times

dave_cybercoolie said...

they will definetely group around when needed :-) dont you worry about that coz there is something more stronger than Darwin's theory and such! :-D

The innocence and inquisitiveness, captured well! :-)

HolyTrance said...

You know wat...theres something more to relationships than just the bonding, chemistry, emotions, or addiction...thats love...n thats wat will bind June with her friends, her siblings, cousins and relatives...shes a really cute kid who make friends really easily...i really loved her!