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Dec 7, 2007


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Press the play button first. Let the music roll. Ready? And then read or else please dont. Respect my feelings for atleast this occasion.

Today I (no, we) complete 7 years of married life. We married after completing 7 years of non-married life before that. So its an major landmark. The first seven year itch was saved by getting married. So can we remarry again to beat it? Or is there some other trick?

I was wondering what gift I can give her. After the internet "being in US" is no excuse for not gifting something to her. But money can buy almost anything. It doesnt take much effort to send a gift and make person feel good. It is just a few clicks away.

By the way is the music rolling? If its not you are the wrong person on my blog. Switch on or phase out please.

So for the last week I was thinking what can I to give "her". Something special. And bingo I found this song yesterday. It might look easy but it was a lot of hard work.

So this is for "her". And I hope she hears till the end.


Shuv said...


is that what you meant by 7??

gypsy said...

:-) congrats! not just for surviving 7 years..but for remembering to do something special for "her"

this is super ironic..
i wish u guys the best!

gypsy said...

BTW..incase ur email id still exists, have dropped u a mail there..

gypsy said...

oh well the mail bounced back...i should stop hogging your comment space!

have a good day!

kaushik said...

Gypsy: I dont mind at all u hogging my comment. But am surprised where on earth did u dig my hotmail id from. I have not used to for the past 5 yrs. As for the irony. Can there be a bigger irony than Marriage??

kaushik said...

Shuv: I heard the song again.. And I cant understand why u dont like the song as a song. But u r free to not like something. I am just wondering aloud.

gypsy said...

arre! u disclosed ur hotmail id urself..a few posts below! :-) anyyyyway! so much for my investigative skills!

Ghetufool said...


14 years of toil and see ... you have a lovely gift already!