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Jul 8, 2009

A Short and Sweet Trip

I had to pack my bags and leave within 48 hours. Destination? Boston.

I was excited. Boston was my enunciation to world history. I remember reading about the Boston Tea Party and also remembered that it had nothing to do with a party. But the rest was all hazy.

My first trip outside India in 2006 was full of apprehension. Piling up with 4 other married bachelors, indulging in currency conversion day and night, and being unsure about every step that I took and every word I heard.

However, Scandinavia will be forever etched in my memory as possibly the most refined part of the world. Unfortunately, I misused my 17 country visa and did'nt utilize the opportunity to travel around. As I realize now, there is no second chance.

The second trip in 2007-08 was different again. A luxurious apartment, a sexy project, a gorgeous city and first taste of independant living. However, I was still the rank outsider, the tourist.

I was still trying to get a hang of things, trying to make do with public transport and taking Amtrak to travel around. But I made sure I explored San Francisco inside out and some other parts in California as well.

This trip was a very different one though. I think I got the feel of the real US. It helped that I was paying taxes, and had a social security number. That brought in a diffidence. A diffidence that finally lead me to hire a car and drive around.

I traveled around the road quite a bit. So while I am ready to depart, while I sit at Boston Airport waiting for my flight, I feel good that I came to this part of US.

I walked the Freedom Trail, got splashed by the waters of Niagara, waved at the Statue of Liberty, warmed the red lit stairs of Times Square, kayaked the Charles river and cogged to the top of Mount Washington on the world's oldest cog railway.

I would think I made as much as I could of the short trip both personally and professionally. Life has come a full circle since my last trip outside India. The wheel looks round again. And I intend to circle on.

P.S. - I was sitting at Boston airport with no Internet connectivity. I publish this post four days later while I enjoy one of the perks of my current job.


ghetufool said...

alas, you write like this no more.

kaushik said...

Like what?

Shuv said...

kayak? really?