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Apr 17, 2004

This Journey is Like Never Before

Its now 8 months. We are almost there. The journey has been like never before. Munmun's new boss has been most unpardonably rude. The weather has been terrifically hot. The finance seems a bit stretched. But inspite of all this Sudeshna's running hard and brave. And I am running too though struggling to keep pace. At times Sudeshna's been pesky, at other times often tired and almost always expecting little things from me. Most times I try and be patient but at times I do snap back for having to keep up with all that. I have been guilty of being rude to her. However the ups and down have not affected us. She is feeling expectantly good and I am tentatively happy.

And it is all the small moments which is helping us chug along. They are all adding to our treasure trove of memories. Those that remind us of the pleasantly inevitable. When the first time we heard the baby's heartbeat. When the first time she "kicked" her mother. Or when the doctor was having a difficult time tracking her - she was swimming and tumbling around to her heart's delight. The other day she protested with a small jab - Sudeshna had just gulped some hot tea. The mother immediately apologised though.

Then there are other things which marks the beginning of her interaction with the world at large. When Sandy brought some gift (her first in any form). Her first multimedia experience - seeing Bombaiyer Bombetey. Her first journey - by train as part of Dodo's marriage party.

Its no wonder it takes nine long months. I now understand the significance. The long wait is preparing us for the tremendous changes that will take place in both of our lives. We will have less time for each other. Each of us and each of our parents will move one step down in the list of priority persons. Whether we fight, laugh, enjoy or make love there will be one more person to contend with. Who will be looking at us trying to jostle herself between us. Carving it out her own little space in our lives.

I am ready and so is Sudeshna.... and both of us are itching... itching to lay our arms around her...

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