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Oct 17, 2006

Diary of Danish Dreams

How is it like sitting in one of the most hep neighbourhoods of Copenhagen with soulful Red Indian music playing on your earphones while you tap away on your keyboard? Those who have experienced similar kind of phenomenas would know. Its ethereal. And for the first since landing at Copenhagen I feel like writing.

So here starts my Danish Diary...

Starting Pangs

The airport at Delhi was not one of the best places for a first timer like me. It was worse than our Howrah station. And it did not help that I chose to be ignorant about how much baggage I was supposed to carry. I paid heavily and I felt harassed.

So naturally did not enjoy my first international flight courtesy Air France. A lot was on offer but I had just one meal and no wine. And I slept through my first international flight.

To complicate matters my fellow passenger had some word of advice for me at every stage. Not letting go a single chance to show that they were more travelled than me. The same colleagues never chose to inform me that for Europe you can take only 20 kgs for check in baggage.

But I have promised that my Danish Dairies would not have any scorn or negativity in it. So this is about as much scornful it will get.

What a sight! What a Welcome!

So after a brief stopover at Paris' Charles De Gaulle airport I was on my way to CPH. The food that was served in transit was grossly inadequate. I was waiting for my first jet lag to arrive and was yet to enjoy my journey.

However it was when the plane was about land at the Copenhagen airport I had the first taste of what was to come. Denmark and Norway is connected by the Malmo bridge which kind of cuts across the ??????? sea. From the plane I could see only water with the pillars of the bridg pricking the sky like toothpicks. Slowly the bridge becomes visible. It cuts across the seaand dissappears. As the plane loses altitude it would seem like that it is about to land on water. But just when it would seem imminent the runaway just across the sea would appear from nowhere.
A red carpet getting rolled out. It is some sight and that was my welcome to Copenhagen.

More in next now that I have this Red Indian Music in land of clouds...


Shuv said...

whats with the red indian music crap? havent you carried any indian music with you? what happened to your exhasutive himesh reshmia collection?

kaushik said...

well no i have not taken any indian movie or music with me like others..

there is this city square at the ceter of the city and this musician plays in the red indian attire.. mainly flute based stuff. u take a hotdog, sit on a bench and just listen to the music..

just behind is the facade of denmark's parliament.. if you look around you will see all the shops with their glowsigns.. frankly its quite a sight.. and there is sharpness in the winter chill.. its quite lovely.. and it makes the music feel even more nice..

rip van winkle said... jonathan livingston seagull finally flying?

kaushik said...

no jonathan livingstone seagull is not flying.. but definitely travelling.

today's post gives out one interesting clue..

I check out jonathan livinstone seagull on wiki..

Ghetufool said...

whaow! please continue with your diary. denmark is one of teh most beautiful countries in the world.

kaushik said...

it is ghetu.. it is.. infact the entire scandinavia is beautiful.. i usually go for this morning runs.. and its scenic.. its in castle property and it i can assure it feels like heavan