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Sep 4, 2007

Asexual Voyeurism - The Gloating Gaping Indian in SF

My first trip to the San Francisco suburbs using the Muni - the metro rail system.

An excellent journey. As the snake winds through the tunnel it comes out of its hole once outside the main city area. The train then becomes the tram winding its way through the streets. Stopping in between roads. People hopping off and hopping on.

It took me to the Ocean Beach. San Francisco's very own full fledged beach.

Families playing around. Some completely engrossed building their castles of sand. Here most men are like my father. They get fun out of small activities even when they are adults. Flying kites, playing with sand, flying planes.

Tanned bodies strutting their stuff. Handsome and beautiful dogs fetching the odd balls and frizbees. The ugly Chihuhaha rendering the owners even uglier.

Odd couples finding each other with a vengence. An ugly obese pan caked woman hanging around with a large torsoed Mexican. Kissing and slobberring. And looking beautiful and vulgar.

Even our own Bhabiji indulging in PDA and getting embarrassed by their brethren from the South East. As if she was saying "Oh sorry! I got carried away. Mera husband se control nahin hota." An apologetically glance thrown at us.

But I cant blame them. Even Gandhi would have found it difficult to stay away from his spouse.

Young men surfing the waves. Young boys and girls learning the tricks. All the tricks. Bay Watch style coast guards flaunting their bodies. Their chest thrusting walk makes them look so unhealthily crooked. They try and walk macho but end up looking like aliens. But no Pam Andersons to be spotted. They are only for the show.

Bikini clad women looking completely clothed. They look so comfortable in their nakedness. You actually dont notice their nakedness. You struggle to feel excited. Where is the fun if you can see everything?. Our low waist wearing, armpit exposing desis in India are greater turn ons.

We walked the shore, sat the beach. Two faggots, condemned to such a life. It will be few months till we can flaunt female kinds once again. Till then I am condemned to think of my smallness. $3000 is beyond my Indian means - cash or kind.... actually a bloody Indian mind.

P.S. - Photos will uploaded in due course.


Vincent said...

Kaushik I enjoyed this piece very much, and actually learned some new things about America from it: you have broken through the stereotyped Hollywood images to touch reality.

But I confess to not understanding your last paragraph at all, apart from its first sentence. It teases my brain. Can you clarify for this reader and possibly others?

kaushik said...

I am with a colleague (male) for work in SF for a few months. It would take all of $3000 (120000 indian rupees)to get my family here. It is big money but reachable with an effort. If I had a bigger heart I would have said "What the heck?" and got them here. Thats is the curious context.

Its really shame to walk around with another guy in this beautiful place.

Scout said...

have a big heart!

kaushik said...

I am trying to stretch it but it is a bloody indian heart which is grown in Bengal. So it wont stretch.

Ghetufool said...

what do you mean? i have a bengali heart too. i love so many girls!

good article though.

kaushik said...

B#C@i tey dom nei.. Kotha er aagey shona shona laagche ki??

Ghetufool said...

koi nato. jeta likhecho, seta kibhabe uccharon korte hoi?

Shuv said...

bloody moping family man..i give u 3 options:

get yr family there and start enjoying the places

dont go anywhere and sit in your room and drink after work

if u go anywhere dont appall us with your jaundiced viewpoints.

personally..i would take the first option.

kaushik said...

I guess my biggest curse is that I am a bloody family man. My nucleus family consists of my wife and kid.

And my wife does think its a good idea at all.

So I listened to my head.

And can u explain the "jaundiced opinion" bit?? please.

Shuv said...

like looking at the world thru yr depressed eyesight. the glass has been half empty for a long time now.

'And my wife does think its a good idea at all'...isnt there a 'not' missed out somewhere in that statement?

kaushik said...

Yes, it should have been "doesnt think it is a good idea".

You know what. You are right. The glass has been half empty for long, for very long, may be I can go back to my early school days.

But I still fail to understand where is the "depression" in this particular post.

Shuv said...

right from the 5th paragraph onto the end

kaushik said...

The paragraph starting "Bikini clad women...". Are u sure??

Shuv said...

yes..i am always sure about bikini clad women

kaushik said...

and what is it u r so sure abt them??